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[tz_title_meetup type_font_title=”raleway” font_style=”medium” image_under_title=”1079″ title=”WHY UNLEASH“]Like you, our team believes in the power of online video and its ability to transform how we learn, communicate and meet. But nothing beats hands on-training, face-to-face networking and peer collaboration to accelerate your own video initiatives.


If you’re a new Mediasite user or tenured veteran, Unleash is the smartest investment you can make to sharpen your Mediasite skills. You’ll get the inside track on all our spring releases and critical best practices — everything you need for a successful 2017 upgrade or expansion. Even better, you’ll meet lots of fellow users who have been in your shoes and are eager to share their success stories, lessons learned and Mediasite wisdom.


JOIN US AND SEE WHAT WE MEAN![/tz_title_meetup]

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Kick off Unleash at the 13th Annual Enterprise Video Awards Show at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


Join fellow Unleash-ers for drinks and heavy appetizers. Enjoy the entertainment experience of Piano Fondue, dueling pianos that will make you want to sing along!


Event starts at 6:30 PM Monday, May 1


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