How to Think Outside the Streaming Box / Event Webcasts Anywhere, Anytime - Mediasite Experience

How to Think Outside the Streaming Box

Every video strategy must start somewhere. Whether you’ve got a well-established video program or are just getting started, this “how-to” session led by an industry veteran and avid filmmaker will inspire new ideas to re-energize your Mediasite deployment. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop short- and long-term video strategies
  • Connect with allies in the field
  • Create an IT culture to encourage video streaming

Presented by: Jim Jorstad, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse  


Event Webcasts Anywhere, Anytime

What does it take to make a successful webcast? One of the earliest adopters of Mediasite, Mark Van Driel of NEXUS Webcast Services, has seen it all, and is here to tell you about it. In this session, learn how the organization delivers online event experiences for organizations large and small and how it incorporates new technologies such as NDI centralized capture into Mediasite for more efficient streaming. This is a session that will revolutionize the way companies webcast events.

Presented by: Mark Van Driel, NEXUS Webcast Services 

October 30 @ 14:45
2:45 pm — 3:45 pm (1h)


Jim Jorstad (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), Mark Van Driel (NEXUS Webcast Services)