Rob Lipps, EVP, Sonic Foundry

Beyond the Bitrate: Ensuring Video Success

From micro learning to critical meetings, video is fast becoming a strategic asset in your organization. As video creates new dynamics in the classroom and the office, we will explore proven recipes for success and highlight potential pitfalls that impede adoption. Hint: it’s not always about the tech.


Jeffrey Ma, Predictive Analytics Expert

Data Driven Decisions

Best known as a member of the MIT blackjack team that inspired Bringing Down the House and 21, Jeffrey Ma will use his fascinating real life tale to illustrate the power of data. Having founded four extremely successful companies using data-driven decisions as a foundation, Jeffrey will show how understanding strategy, risk and analytics can help you “beat the house” no matter your situation.


Enhancing Viewer Engagement

Video is more important than ever. But engaging with viewers remains one of the biggest opportunities. Learn how Mediasite is transforming the viewer experience with video interactivity tools designed to increase retention and create powerful engagement.

Optimizing Your Viewer Experience

Creating high-quality video content may seem like a daunting task. But with Mediasite and a few best practices, you can have a studio level environment wherever you record. Learn how lighting settings and presentation techniques can be just as important as the equipment you use.

Making Your Videos Accessible

Mediasite helps you meet your community’s accessibility needs and fulfill regulatory requirements by automatically searching, indexing and captioning the content. Learn how in-content search and integration with IBM Watson make your video content more usable and metadata-rich.

Creating Storage & Retention Policies

With Mediasite’s wealth of content capture, upload and import options, it’s crucial to have a solid content storage and retention strategy to keep your video initiatives efficient. Learn where to start and tips from successful policies already in use.

Utilizing the Latest Video Capture Solutions

Hear about the latest updates to our hardware and software capture solutions and learn how to leverage their flexibility and scalability in any department or with any budget.

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